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Monday, January 16, 2006


Well, that was unexpected.

I had just started my readthrough of The Everlasting when I stopped again to completely redo the first eight pages of chapter 1. I had been denying how much they bugged me. The prose just wasn't in line. It's kind of like how artists sometimes start inking their comics in the middle and work their way around, so that they are on the same groove at the beginning as in the end. I didn't change the events, but I rewrote the entire section in a new file letting the prose run more loosely, fitting more with how I was writing elsewhere in the novel and with my more practiced handle on Lance's character.

Depending on how it turned out, I may do the same with the prologue.

If I am quiet this week--both on the blog, and in the world we live in and life in general--it's because I am going to let this book consume me for the next couple of days. And if you're patient, by the time I emerge, blinking and dazed, back into the sunlight, all will become clear.

Current Soundtrack: Everlasting Mix 2 (Herman's Hermits, "The End of the World;" The Beatles, "Because;" The Jam, "Beat Surrender;" Gene, "Drawn to the Deep End")

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