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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The latest issue of Madman Atomic Comics, edited by yours truly.

#12 wraps up the storyline Mike Allred has been working on since the start of this new series. [Edit: Ooops. As it's pointed out, I mixed up my facts. #13, which is currently being printed, is the end of the arc.] Read the first five pages at the Image site.

If Christmas weren't canceled this year, and if I had the money to buy everyone a present, the the Dave Stevens art collection, Brush with Passion: The Art and Life of Dave Stevens would be in everyone's stocking. The link there takes you to the regular retail edition, but the special limited comic book store edition comes out this week. It has a slipcover and 16 extra pages.

Bud Plant is carrying this version. See their listing here.

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Ralph- said...

i thought MAC 13 was the final story in the arc?

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oops. Yeah you're right. Having just wrapped #13, too, I mixed them up. It's been so long since we finished one before the previous issue came out, I threw myself for a loop.

Ralph- said...

no biggie. just double checking. Hopefully 13 is as satisfying as mike has hinted at.