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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Since a couple of people have now mentioned not realizing there was a new Elbow album, I felt I must stress the incredible auditory experience that is The Seldom Seen Kid. For a fourth album, it sounds as new and wonderful as anything the band has done since their debut. In case you missed the first single and its perfect placement in the Burn After Reading trailer, here is a live rendition of "Grounds for Divorce":

I would show the video version, but the music label does not allow embedding. I guess free advertisements on my hugely popular blog is too much of a good thing for them. They don't want to engorge.

Now, the album from 2008 I am most desperate to hear and that I hope to have soon is Happy Fiu, the second from the French gamine Mareva Galanter. The lead single is a video you can embed, so here you go:

Playing those in order is like being on a night out with me. From love-infused anger and regret to love-infused longing and regret. With extra helpings of regret.

Tying this all back to earlier, Mareva's version of "7 h du matin" was actually the soundtrack song on the last page of the only written script for Love the Way You Love II. It was to be the audio for Tristan's horrified realization that Like A Dog was suddenly on tour with the L.A. band he hated most of all, the Godards. Alas, that band has been completely overhauled for prose, as the concept of a band full of characters from Jean-Luc Godard movies just doesn't seem right for a YA novel. But for posterity, their description from the script:


For the first time, we meet the Godards. They’ve been mentioned in previous issues, but we have never seen them. Remember the other record executive that ratted out Isobel and Tristan to Marcus? They were his band, but now Marcus has picked them up. And their keyboard player is now SEAN, ex of Like A Dog.

He is there on stage with the rest of the band, standing at his keyboard. He is wearing black sunglasses, a polo shirt, and has a kerchief tied around his neck.

The drummer of the band is a girl, ANNA K., and she is tall and gangly, so not at all like the girl in Gorillaz or the chick drummer in Crash & the Boys in Scott Pilgrim. She is modeled after Anna Karina, so her hair is long and dark with straight-cut bangs. She is very pretty, like a French model. She wears a little black dress, no sleeves, and thigh-high striped stockings.

The bass player is PIERRE L.F., and he should be modeled after Jean-Paul Belmondo in Pierrot le fou. This includes the blue make-up that covers all of his face. (I can get you pictures.) He wears a red button-up shirt, collar open, and grey suit paints.

Front and center is singer/guitarist JOHN LUKE. He looks like some kind of ‘60s film cliche--not a real one, but like in a parody. He wears black sunglasses and a white turtleneck, and his hair is cut in a thick bowl style, kind of like Monkeyboy in Blue Monday. It’s sort of like the Dutchboy haircuts of the Ramones, but cut short in back.

(from off)
...to meet your new tourmates.

Sean-Luc Godard.

Anna K. Godard.

Peter L.F. Godard.

John Luke Godard.

(from off; burst)

Mareva Galanter - “7h du matin”

It particularly cracked me up that Sean had changed his name to Sean-Luc. The last names thing, of course, was a nod to the Ramones.

We had decided to drop Marcus from the story, too, as he had been beat up enough in series I, but I never got around to rewriting that.

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Natalie Nourigat said...

I remember that scene! :D Sigh...and I was excited to design the decked-out wanna-be band...