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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Met the fine folks from Multiversity Comics up in Seattle, and one of their writers, David Harper, went and got You Have Killed Me after the show. Today, he posted a marvelous review, one of the best reviews we could have ever hoped for.

Check the whole thing out by clicking on this excerpt:

"Given that this is a visual medium, the story could be great but the art could still make or break it. Fortunately Rich’s frequent collaborator Joëlle Jones is an exceptional artist, ably rendering the events on each page and proving to be a very impressive storyteller in her own right. There will be pages where Rich and Jones work effortlessly in concert, keeping dialogue minimal or non-existent and simply letting her design work to tell the story. It’s a trick that sadly very few writers employ, but you can sense an implicit trust between these two creators. They know what works and what works for them, and they use that to the nth degree."

By the way, if you want to see the interview they did with Mike Allred, you'll also see your humble writer/artist team in the background giggling over some evil thoughts they must have been having. (I show up about 4 minutes in. In the bathroom beforehand?)

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David Harper said...

Thanks for posting a snippet of my review and of Brandon's interview Jamie! Much appreciated. I have 12 Reasons Why I Love Her on order, so maybe we'll see an even colder case review. If our readers are lucky.