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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The More Vikings Book Review Blog has reviewed You Have Killed Me and given us a rating of 3 Vikings and 3 Burning Huts! Woo!

"The artwork style has a sort of cartoon-esque realism that I really like and which fits great with the setting. They also play with textures in a way that surprised and pleased me. For instance, the main character wears a rough weave tweed suit and they used a dark gray canvas texture to fill the lines of his jacket and pants. And in the one scene where Antonio is driving and thinking, the back window of his car is filled with an old black and white photograph of a period street (that looks, frankly, like San Francisco even though they’re supposed to be somewhere on the East Coast, I thought)."

Read the full review here.

(For the record, the story is West Coast, and that is actually a Los Angeles street.)

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Chriss Cornish said...

Oh, it's set in the WEST coast? Wonder where I got to the idea it was set back east. At least I had the right State for the photo. I'll fix that in my review. :)