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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Nico let the sartorial cat out of his fancy bag on his blog last night, so I'll post it here, too!

Oni Press has put together a Spell Checkers T-shirt that they are going to start selling at Comic Con. I'm very excited. This is my first official, mass produced merchandise for one of my books!

This is the design for it:

Spell Checkers T-Shirt  SDCC 2010

You can click through to see the image bigger, as well as look at the inks and the pencils. The Spell Checkers logo is going to be on the sleeve. The design was done by Keith Wood.

Nico will be at the Con, so you can buy a shirt, buy a book, maybe commission him to do a sketch. All at the Oni Press booth. Makes a great companion to that Scott Pilgrim Volume 6!

To be clear, Joëlle Jones and I will not be at San Diego. Your next chance to meet us will likely be at New York Comic Con. We're securing an artist's alley table and making all our plans right now. There's a good chance Nico will be there, too.

Further details on where the shirt will be available after Comic Con will likely be forthcoming from Oni. I honestly don't know, so no point in asking me.

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Subatomic Matt said...

I like that image quite a lot. Maybe after SDCC there'll be other opportunities to purchase this fine set of threads?

Jamie S. Rich said...

I can only point at the last paragraph, underlining it with a distant finger for emphasis.

Subatomic Matt said...

That's what I get for not finishing the article. Doh!