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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tonight I went out to Bridge City Comics to attend the book release party for D.F. Walker's Darius Logan: Super Justice Force and a whole ton of Mike Russell comics.

Though, if you have to get one Mike Russell comic, it's The Sabretooth Vampire. Like so many great gag cartoons before it, Sabretooth Vampire is a simple concept brilliantly executed. The vampire, you see, has these big fangs...and there his woes begin.

Mike has been serializing the strips online, so you can visit his website and get a feel for how great it is. Then you'll want to buy the first minicollection. If you're at Stumptown this weekend, you can get the comic from Mike in person, plus give him lots of other money.

Mr. Walker is also going to be at Stumptown. You can check out more about Darius Logan at his website, including sample chapters and links to buying the book in various formats. Or, like Mike, give him your money directly this weekend. I'm not all caught up on Super Justice Force as of yet, but what I have sampled suggests that this promises to be a grand, bold adventure. I wouldn't expect any less from David, the man is grand, bold, and an adventure all himself!

These guys are a couple of unique creators doing their own work on their own terms, the kind of fellows you should definitely support. They are both operating at the height of their considerable powers, you don't want to miss out.

By the way, I should have my Stumptown schedule shortly--so you know when to avoid me.

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