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Monday, April 04, 2011


It's a big week here in Snap City. Not only do we have two Madman releases hitting store shelves, but there is going to be a massive party at Floating World Comics celebrating their publication. Plus, a new issue of iZombie, its first-anniversary issue, with guest art by Gilbert Hernandez! (Details here.)

Thursday night's party is going to be a blast. Mike's artwork will be on display, and I will be hosting in-store karaoke. Lots of Portland comics folks should be coming out, including hopefully Emi Lenox, who did a story in the Madman: All-New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! The all-new 64-page one-shot features her story, a fresh Madman adventure by Mike, two more guest shorts by Matt Kindt and Tonci Zonjic, 21 pin-ups by the likes of Emily Carroll, Philip Bond, Darwyn Cooke, Gilbert Hernandez, Sonny Liew, Francis Manapul, Frank Cho, Michael Cho, Michael Lark, Rafael Albuquerque, and a bunch more. All edited by me!

Mike has been teasing a lot of the art from here on his blog, which you should be following. Also, if you Madman fans aren't following the Comic Twart blog, you're missing out. Lat week they did a full run of pin-ups featuring Frank Einstein. There are a ton of talented guys in that group, you really should spend some time digging through their archives.

If that wasn't enough, the massive hardcover edition of all the post-Dark Horse issues of Madman is finally coming out. The 1,062-page omnibus, Madman Atomica, collects all of the self-published Atomics series, all of the Oni material, and the Image Comics issues. This includes my story with Joëlle Jones and the collaboration with myself, Mike, and Dave Johnson that was originally printed in Liberty Comics--full color and oversized! This represents more than ten years of working together for Mike and I, it's a huge accomplishment.

Floating World has a full press release about the publication party, but here is the basic skinny:

WHO: Michael Allred

WHAT: MADMAN GIANT-SIZE SUPER GINCHY SPECIAL book release and art exhibit, (plus surprise special guests & karaoke party!)

WHEN: Thursday, April 7th, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave #101

Come on out and have some fun with us!

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