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Sunday, January 01, 2012



* Hunger, Michael Fassbender stars in Steve McQueen's harrowing portrait of the IRA prisoners' hunger strike in the early 1980s.

Three gonzo crime films from the uniquely crazy Japanese filmmaker Seijun Suzuki:
* Take Aim at the Police Van (1960)
* Tokyo Drifter (1966)
* Branded to Kill (1967)


* The Art of Getting By, a predictable but solid Young Adult story, with fine performances by Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore.

* Behind the Mask, a mid-40s misfire that attempts to turn the popular Shadow radio serials into...light comedy?!

* Crime Story: The Complete Series, the Michael Mann police drama set in the 1960s but made in the 1980s.

* A Farewell to Arms, Frank Borzage's masterfully melodramatic adaptation of Ernest Hemingway.

* Incident in an Alley, a middling early 1960s crime film based on a Rod Serling short story.

Seven Chances, an hilarious Buster Keaton short where the great comedian plays a man in desperate need for a wife.

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