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Friday, December 21, 2007


I've been busy writing, working on all manner of stuff, trying to go deep. It's winter. That's what I do. Nest and hibernate.

And see movies.


* Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Tim Burton's blood and gore musical delights with revulsion.

* There Will Be Blood, the masterpiece P.T. Anderson skeptics have been waiting for. And what about Daniel Day-Lewis? And that Jonny Greenwood soundtrack? Cor!

Some of these movies are Christmas Day Limited releases. In addition to the reviews, I have an interview with Marjane Satrapi that is being podcast through DVD Talk Radio. Right now, the links are a little crossed, but you can find the story by scrolling down on the DVD Talk front page. As of this writing, it's third item from the top. [Edit: And now the Radio page has it.] It's ten minutes long, a short chat with the creator of Persepolis. And yes, I do sound like that. Like a frog who drank too much milk. I also happen to review the film...

* Persepolis, a wonderful animated adaptation of the comic that I daresay improves on the original while maintaining its spirit.

Satrapi was interesting to talk to. She was all business, no fooling around, and very forceful. You'll hear, she's very opinionated. I think she kind of liked me at the end, because I told her that I would be quick and painless and there I was, done in ten minutes, affording her a thirty-minute break between interviews. In fact, I have her on tape, cut from the piece, replying to my "I told you it was quick and painless," saying, "You were quick and painless." I should make that a press blurb for myself.

It was a little weird being back in the saddle doing interviews. I need to learn to use my equipment better if I am to podcast in the future. We had to cut my intro due to me not realizing if I held the microphone to my mouth to record it, and then put the machine on the table to capture the both of us, the levels are going to be way off. Plus, mispronouncing the title of the book/movie in the first sentence is not a very impressive way to begin.

Still, I kind of like what I came up with. And she got a copy of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her for her troubles.


* Bloodhounds of Broadway, a 1950s musical adaptation of Damon Runyon stories, with Mitzi Gaynor taking the lead.

* Peach Girl, vol. 6, a disappointing end to an originally promising anime adaptation of one of my favorite manga series.

* Two-Lane Blacktop - Criterion Collection, in which criss-crossed American drifters search for the last frontier on the open highway. (Also posted at Criterion Confessions.)

Another DVD Talker, Francis Rizzo III, has started a new blog called "1106: A Moment in Fictional Time." It's all screencaps of movies at the 11 minute, 6 second mark. I've started sending him images from the movies I review. It's turning into an interesting collection, found art with a theme.

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Anonymous said...

Waited until I had my review of Persepolis up before reading yours. Just one thought: you didn't like the "Eye of the Tiger" sequence? Almost any movie could use a Rocky training montage!