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Friday, February 21, 2003


I woke up this morning at my usual 5:43 A.M. (I can’t wake up on nice numbers like normal people), ready to go to the gym, and I found Sadie sitting in front of the refrigerator, mesmerized by an invasion of tiny ants. I think she had pawed them some, because they were running around in circular patterns and didn’t seem to have much purpose. They would bump into each other and essentially looked like they had no idea which way to go. It’s a perfect metaphor for my brain at the moment.

I thought last week was bad, but this week is pretty bad, too. My monitor frying on my laptop was a nice spike in the center on Wednesday.

But Gravitation vol. 1 is in (in fact, it was a day early), and none too soon, as another writing assignment has fallen in my lap, and it should be challenging. Only thing is that due to the nature of it, I can’t talk about it. (And don’t flatter yourself that you’re special enough to e-mail me and ask what it is, because I guarantee that you’re not. Unless you’re Marie Du Santiago or Faye Wong, I guarantee…) It should also take up my time pretty heavily, even though I’ve got two used Crackterion DVDs that just arrived that I should watch to make sure they are okay. Crap.

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