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Saturday, February 22, 2003


The ants still haven’t found their anthill.

I am not sure what is taking me so long to decompress. These past couple of week’s—the ordeals with Cheat and various other day-wasting problems—are not things I want to relive, and they’d be boring to read about anyway. It’s just sometimes it seems we end up cramming several months worth of crises into a regular week at Oni.

And I am not sure if this electrical activity in my chest is hanging on due to the anxiety of starting this new project, or if the stress of the week is transferring itself and making me anxious about the project. Or does it really matter, because are either possibilities really that different? Anyway, babysteps…we may as well start the work, let our fingers do the walking. The Smiths are on (Best I. I wanted to hear “Half a Person.” You should here the rendition I belted out while taking a piss…).

Current Soundtrack: Cowboy Junkies, “Dead Flowers”

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