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Monday, February 24, 2003


Information round-up!

The first bit of my secret assignment went well. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, I used the wrong sample file that was sent to me as my template—meaning when I was intended to write with a 12-point Times New Roman font with 1.5 spaces between each line, I used 10-point and single spacing. Meaning I wrote wayyyyy more than necessary. Ha! Live and learn.

I think I completed the afterword for J. Torres’ & Scott Chantler’s graphic novel Days Like This tonight. I need to sleep on it, and I also have it out for opinions. J. likes it, which makes me happy. I felt really rusty doing the music crit’ thing again, and felt very intimidated by having finished reading Nick Hornby’s Songbook last night. I need to stop paying attention to Hornby, because he makes me feel so inferior. I read High Fidelity for the first time shortly after I left the record store I was working at part-time in order to save money for Cut My Hair because I had saved enough money and the book was being prepped for printing…and High Fidelity made me feel like shit because it was so much better at everything I wanted to do. And now I read Songbook and I feel buggered because it’s a book I wish I had written, and it feeds into this suspicion that I am not very good at the straight-up writing-about-music thing. I think I had a particular problem in the past with starting my essays at one point and ending up somewhere else and never really making the journey clear. J. says that didn’t happen this time. One hopes not.

Finally going to get around to writing a pitch I was supposed to do about two months ago. Hopefully I haven’t blown it, or made the editor think I am unreliable. I am enormously reliable when I have a deadline, but open-ended offers to pitch are hard for me. I’ve had an idea for a couple of weeks, but haven’t had time to look some stuff up. Neelam Arora was kind enough to help, since she’d been looking at similar things. Cheers! (And this is a comics project, just so you know.)

Does anybody have the second issue of Dark Horse Extra with the Spike comic strips by me and Chynna? I just realized I never got that.

Jake says I can’t say “bitch” in children’s manga. I say the link shows who the bitch is.

Current Soundtrack: Suede, Suede (though I have the Japanese edition with the bit of burgundy suede in the CD tray and the piano version of "My Insatiable One")

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