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Saturday, February 15, 2003


Duran Duran, “Stop Dead”

Jeezus! I don’t think anyone has every knocked on my door before (I don’t get visitors, thankfully). So I was a bit startled when someone was pounding on my door at 10:30 this morning. It was the mailman with a big box, registered mail from China. Rebecca went overboard in loading me up with Faye Wong CDs and other Chinese pop. I am quite startled. There are a lot of discs here. She is never one to do things halfway.

On the Faye Wong situation: I heard back from Sony Hong Kong. She is recording her new album right now and so isn’t doing any press. Hopefully, they will keep me in mind. If not, maybe the next Wong Kar-Wai film will come soon, and I can latch on that. I may still try to write something for the next issue of Kitchen Sink, as it’s a stalker theme, and maybe I can make something out of my hunt for my pop obsessions. I told Laurenn McCubbin I will try, but I am not sure what my time will permit. I need to finish Gravitation, and I also have to finish my essay for Days Like This. I feel a bit like a swimmer in a drowned world lately.

Rebecca also sent me a Mashi Maro comic. He is a rabbit who walks around with a plunger on his head. I don’t know why. But it’s really funny. A lot of toilet humor. I guess that’s something the Chinese have in common with the British. I’ve got arrested development, so it really makes me laugh.

Current Soundtrack: original soundtrack to Hero, or at least something that purports to be it--it's got Faye's theme for the movie, and movie artwork, but the rest is a Faye Wong album. Ha! Chinese releases are really bizarre. I have all sorts of albums now that don't appear in her official discography. Maybe if the movie comes out over here, I can get the real score (it's been nominated for a Best Foreign Language Academy Award). Rebecca is my hero right now anyway. (Awwww...this from the guy who last night called everyone a fucker.)


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