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Friday, May 14, 2004


I have a new review of Sensual Phrase volume 1 up at Artbomb.net. This one was fun to write, and the book would make a good companion to Gravitation.

Another favorite blog of recent times is Maryanne Snell's 100 Books. It's just that: her quest to read 100 books. I have bought at least one book based partially on her recommendation, tremendous Hon that she is.

Oh, Morrissey, try not to look so desperate for attention.

CLAMP Paranormal Investigators volume 2 is progressing. My work days have been averaging starting at 8 am at Oni and ending at 1 am on the laptop. My social life--such as it was--is ground to a halt. I even have to skip one of Randy Bowen's fantastic poker games.

Current Soundtrack: Alfie, Do You Imagine Things?

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