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Monday, May 24, 2004


So, Andrei Rublev--a film made with a painter's hand about a painter. A film made in Communist Russia in the 1960s about an artist and monastic man in Russia amidst political and religious upheaval centuries before. And under this umbrella of creativity, the message that emerges is that man turns against man because the Powers That Be--God or government or even the demands of our own body--distract us and cause us to forget we're actually all in this together, that the haves are outnumbered by the have-nots and that will always remain so as long as they keep us fighting amongst ourselves. And one of those ways is by telling artists to create work that supports our innermost fears--be they religious paintings depicting hellfire and damnation, or films that support the whitewashed Soviet ideal.

No wonder the Russian government tried to ban it. And once again, 2004 is no different from 1966 than that year was from 1366.

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