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Monday, June 21, 2004


I found the tape I made for myself a couple of years ago to be my "get in the mood" listening for The Everlasting. I know I posted some of these choices earlier, but here is the full list of what was on my stereo in the beginning phases. (And I managed to get my tape player working again, so I can attest this mix is still effective.)

Manics - The Everlasting
Mansun - Legacy
T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer
Suede - The Wild Ones
Lara Michell - Crimson Flag
Miss Red Flowers - Velvet
Embrace - My Weakness Is None of Your Business
James - Waltzing Along
Small Faces - Autumn Stone
Gene - Drawn to the Deep End
Geneva - Closer to the Stars
Geneva - No One Speaks

Tindersticks - The Not Knowing
Suede - The 2 of Us
Rialto - Untouchable
Venus In Furs - Tumbling Down
Suede - Indian Strings
Aztec Camera - Stray
Primal Scream - I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
Low - Lord, Can You Hear Me?
Leslie Gore - Sunshine, Lollipos, & Rainbows
Herman's Hermits - The End of the World
Depeche Mode - Stories of Old
[deleted track for space: Spiritualized - Broken Heart]
Gene - Save Me I'm Yours


I finished the first draft of Legal Drug vol. 2 about fifteen minutes ago. Now I am off to answer some comics-related questions for the 2005 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

Current Soundtrack: the printer asking for paper

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