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Thursday, June 17, 2004


So, yesterday, I got to the end of what I was working on, and I realized I had wrapped part I of The Everlasting. It's a three part book (one part per relationship), and granted, I had the most work done on this section of any when I began the attack two-and-a-half weeks ago, but I had no idea I was this close.

Part I, "The Not Knowing," clocks in at 53,250 words. Which I think is pretty good. Numbers aren't my thing. Maybe my friends who know such things can reassure me. (Jen D?)

Better yet, I already had the first chapter of Part II done. So, "Never Alive Until Twenty-Five" is already on its way. Weirdly, yesterday was my birthday, and it's also Lance's birthday at this point in the story. So, happy to us. (Kelly Sue thinks that's my anecdote for Publisher's Weekly. I'm not sure if she was making fun of me or them.)

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