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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


As promised, Movie Poop Shoot is graciously hosting my "exit interview," as conducted by my pal Denny Haynes. I appreciate Denny's honesty in this piece, and he was given carte blanche to ask me what he saw fit, and I would do my best to answer the queries with the same candor. I didn't name a lot of names, as I thought I would, but as Denny assessed, there is a freedom to the answers since I have nothing to sell on the back of the piece. And the fact that he got quotes from freakin' Brad Meltzer and Chris Staros is quite shocking to me! I mean, I know those guys and they're pals, but I dunno...it's just nice. Denny also put three questions that were excised for space and flow on his blog.

I give Denny a lot of grief, particularly in letters columns, but the guy really is pretty cool. I've never seen him afraid to stand up for what he believes, no matter how unpopular, and he constantly looks for the good in people, no matter how loud I scream that someone is bad, bad, bad! He likes to bait liberals a little too much, but I like to bait everyone too much, so who am I? Anyway, thanks, Denny!

And thanks everyone else who contributed. Very nice things you said.

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