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Friday, June 11, 2004


Work on The Everlasting today was the writing equivalent of sewing, stitching the patches together to make one pair of pants. Not as productive to word count as the straight-ahead sort of typing, but ultimately has now made it so I have a bigger chunk of solid narrative, and puts me closer to the end of Part I of the book.

I was reading a translation of a Morrissey interview from the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles today, and really dug this bit:

You grew up with vinyl: how do you feel about the dematerialization of music?
I’ve never downloaded any song from the Internet. I was offered an iPod, I didn’t even succeed in opening the box… I find it sad: music deserves efforts. How can you love a record that arrives so easily? When I was a child, accessing to the music I loved was difficult: it was not on radio nor TV… Even if music was my only love, it was a permanent fight to get it into my arms. Without records and their mysteries, I would never have become what I am now. They shaped me, every single I possess is linked to a special feeling. I was touching them for hours, looking at the diamond landing on the record with fascination… I was going downtown by bus, and on my way back, I was reading the covers, I was learning them… I spent afternoons in records shops to look at the credits of each album… All is too easy now: listening to music, creating music, becoming a star… Every 12 year old kid with a computer can make a record - technically at least. Shows like « Pop Idol » have just one goal: to humiliate music, show it as a frivolous, inept, inoffensive thing.

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