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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Because no one asked for it...I am continuing my comprehensive Morrissey reviews.

Moz has now released the third single from You Are The Quarry, "Let Me Kiss You." Though the lyrics almost sound like a parody of what a Morrissey song is supposed to be ("then you open your eyes and see someone you physically despise"), it's a good choice for a single track. The melody is nice and easy, and over time, it's become one of the songs I return to most often. It's also the one Nancy Sinatra covered for her excellent self-titled album, and in a strange marketing move, the label has released both as singles on the same day. Originally, there was talk of it being a split release, which seems like it would have been much better. Or...

I honestly think they should have made the B-side, "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice," the A-side. With its ? & the Mysterians organ riff, it's one of the best songs of the recent crop. The hook is ebullient, and the lyrics are funny. It could have stood in the grand tradition of excellent non-album A-sides (the post-Viva Hate triptych of "Last of the Famous International Playboys," "Interesting Drug," and "November Spawned a Monster," "Pregnant for the Last Time," "Boxers").

The other two tracks on the single confirm what the "First of the Gang To Die" B-sides suggested: this time around, the best material was used on the album. "Friday Mourning" is a good song, one of Morrissey's grandiose, self-pitying ballads. Unfortunately, instead of fully taking off and breaking through the atmosphere and becoming something stellar, it just glances the edge and comes back down.

"I Am Two People" is interesting lyrically. As the title suggests, it's a war of one's own nature, and how to remove the barriers that separate us from one another. (And is it me, or does Moz seem to be writing a lot of songs about exposing himself to people and coming up short lately? Who are these folks?) The backing music never quite matches up with the thrust of his voice, though. The band gives him nothing to hang the words on, and the melody doesn't stick.

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