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Monday, October 04, 2004


Today is a shameless day, as I plug plug away.

First up are some eBay auctions I am running, selling some doubles of DVDs I have. You can view my auctions HERE. There are several Disney DVDs and movies from Wong Kar-Wai, as well as a couple others. Proceeds from this auction will go to feed my habit and buy me more discs.

Also, in stores this week are two manga volumes I did the scripting for. Gravitation fans will be pleased to hear that the 8th book is now available. CLAMP fans will also be treated to the debut of Legal Drug, one of my favorite books I am currently involved with. You can read more about it, including an eight-page preview, at the Tokyopop site. And remember, if you use my Amazon links, you literally put pennies in my pocket, which will lead to me buying more crap! It's very important to my creative process that I have a steady stream of crap in my life, so you are doing your part for the literary world!

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