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Thursday, June 23, 2005


"We're on your street, but
you don't see us
or, if you do
you smile and say Hello

A couple of essential links.

First, Russell Shorto has written an article for The New York Times on the movement against gay marriage that everyone has to read. "What's Their Problem With Gay Marriage? (It's the Gay Part)" should turn anyone's stomach. I'm sorry, America, but most of our neighbors are disgusting, selfish people, and if you're on the fence about this issue, if this article doesn't get you off of the fence, then you should prepare yourself to be made OBSOLETE. Because we need your blind eyes even less than we need this hatred and stupidity. It's you that allows these people to think they have some kind of power.

Consider this choice paragraph: "I asked Laura Clark if her feelings about homosexuality had evolved over time. 'No,' she said, 'because basically I've been a Christian my whole adult life, and I've known that the Bible makes clear that it's wrong.' Her pastor [Brian Racer of the Open Door Bible Church], however, opened up in answer to the same question and told me that his early encounters with homosexuality had actually influenced his approach to the ministry. When he was 14, he said, his father worked as a route salesman for The Baltimore Sun, and he sometimes went with him on predawn deliveries. 'In West Baltimore, I saw transvestites for the first time,' he said. 'It creeped me out. I had been taught in Bible school that there is an extended level of depravity, and this was it.' Later, Racer was working for a greenhouse and got to know a lot of florists. 'You'd be amazed how many people in the floral industry are homosexuals,' he said. 'And that's where I became curious. How do you put it together, that they've chosen to do something that I have such an aversion to, yet I'm finding I can see them as real people? As a Christian, that was a welcome development. Around the same time, a close friend told me he was struggling because he was attracted to men. Over the next two years, I had two other people confide the same thing to me. For some reason, God was putting it in my path. I took a psychology course, and ever since I've seen it as part of my ministry to counsel these people. I tell them that is part of God's challenge to them, and those temptations have to be fought off with spiritual weapons.'"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man has uncovered the queer cabal within the floral industry. When I die and go to Heaven, I'm going to ask St. Peter if Brian Racer is there, and if he says yes, then I will promptly turn around and walk to Hell.

And, no, I am not anti-Christian. Despite what Rep. John N. Hostettler (R-Ind.) thinks, most people with Democratic leanings are not out to destroy Christianity, we just want to live by the Constitution and have a nation where we're all free to choose for our own lives. Read more about it here, including a number to call if you're pissed, too. I called his office. I informed the aide who answered the phone of my background, and I asked them to pass along my disdain. Where do thse people get off? Like Karl Rove, as reported by AP: "'Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers,' Rove said. 'Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war.... Conservatives saw what happened to us on 9/11 and said we will defeat our enemies. Liberals saw what happened to us and said we must understand our enemies.... No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals.'"

Thanks, Karl. My suspicion that the main reason you're annoyed that some of us are asking that our country conduct itself with honor is that it might hurt your overstuffed bank account. Do any of the crumpled bills you deposit in the dead of night have the blood of soldiers on it? I imagine so. As it is, I wrote your boss today.

That's right, I went to http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/, and I e-mailed President Bush and said:
"Given that Rove was one of the architects of your campaign, where you insisted that you wanted to unite this country and not divide it, and that he is currently still in your employ, I don’t understand how such an off-base distinction ends up serving your goals. He has no right to suggest that liberal voters care about our country and our soldiers any less than conservative voters; in fact, I would say that my desire to see the war in Iraq conducted properly and with as little bloodshed as possible suggests I care more. And to insist that the military treat its prisoners with dignity is to not only ensure that we maintain respect around the world, but it gives us the moral high ground to demand our troops be treated the same way.

Please ask Karl Rove to apologize to the millions of Americans he insulted today. He serves no one--not you, and not us--by so flagrantly touting such misguided ideas.

Thank you for your time, sir. I appreciate being able to share my thoughts with you."

Sidenote: It freaks my shit out that whenever I search I Was Someone Dead on Amazon, most of the results returned are anti-gay propaganda about the movement to ungay the gays. It's a bit scary to consider how the four words of my title cross over with that topic. Seriously. Try it.

"but Sorrow will come
to you in the end
and as sure as my words are pure
I praise the day that brings you pain
so don't close your eyes
don't close your eyes
a man who slits throats
has time on his hands
and I'm gonna get you


Finally, a nice link. I shouldn't muddy up Jennifer de Guzman's wonderful story at the Fortean Bureau website by including it with these scumbags, but when you want to cleanse your eyes from the abomination that is their opinions, give "Minx Mouse Monster" your attention. It'll inspire you to use the word "fabulous" (and "wonderful"), which will scare your heterosexual friends, but they have no fortitude anyway.

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