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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I am currently smitten with Gene Tierney and her goofy overbite.

She's not the greatest actress in the world, but there is something luminous and charming about her. In political polls, she'd pass the someone-you'd-want-to-have-coffee-with test. Movies to check out: Night & the City, Leave Her to Heaven, Heaven Can Wait, and Laura, which has an excellent edition of A&E's "Biography" that explores her stellar career and her troubled later life (I have a bit of a phobia about losing my mind, and so I sympathize with her mental plight). On deck for viewing: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir and Advise & Consent.

Work Update: Two agent queries and five short story submissions prepared this week; did the rough draft of a comic book short story I am writing; tightened up reference markers in 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Received one short story rejection this week and one returned manuscript because the journal changed their reading period.

Current Soundtrack: A Perfect Circle, Mer de Noms

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