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Friday, June 24, 2005


It's back to work. Well, to a degree. I have been working, just not posting about it as much. Some of it is just boring work. Like, how interesting is it to talk about the fact that I proofread and cleaned up the short stories "Send Me My Best Regrets" and "You Once Said That You Liked Happy Endings"? Or that I now spend most Mondays writing cover letters and printing out pages to send to magazines, agents, and publishers?

In other cases, it's just stuff I can't talk about. Like, I finished the first draft of the second 64-page volume of the graphic novel series that hasn't been announced, or that I outlined a short story for a comic book anthology that hasn't been announced. Or that the one graphic novel that has been announced took a major hit and we have to rethink what's going on, so the word is mum for now. There are plans for revelations at San Diego Comic Con, so after that, I'll at least be able to talk about the series thing, at least. Expect to see that announcement at comic book news sites between July 13 and 17.

But I guess I can say that today I went ahead and started the actual writing of novel #3, They Are All In Love (Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?) (I think I am leaning towards the second half of the title, but I am keeping it open). I thought I wasn't going to get very far when I started to get bogged down in research for Percy's home, but once I got that in mind, I managed to write about 1,800 words. I had written a prologue before, but I think I am going to fold that into the narrative and start in this different spot rather than begin with a flashback. (The Everlasting begins with a flash-forward.)

I hear some of you say, "But what about The Everlasting?" Don't worry, it's still a going concern. I'm still shopping it. I had one agent interested, and on his request, I did a major rewrite and trimmed about a quarter of it off--but then he never followed through so I am looking elsewhere. (I find in life that most people have no follow-through.) I had been needing to do the trim, so it wasn't all bad, and so I am sending around the shorter version. I don't see the point in halting all production in the meantime, though. Keep moving or die.

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