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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I've begun the serialization of the short story "Yoga Girls" on the Lance Scott journal. First post dated August 2, 2005, 11:25 pm.

To cover old ground, Lance Scott is the main character of The Everlasting, my second full-length novel, currently being shopped around. His teenage self is also in my forthcoming Oni Press comic book series Love The Way You Love, because he is the little brother of Tristan, star of that book and a supporting player in my first novel Cut My Hair. The journal exists as a place to experiment with the character, and it has been intermittently updated with musings in his voice. "Yoga Girls" will be his story. Any similarities between myself and Lance are purely coincidental and none of your fucking business.

Installments of "Yoga Girls" will arrive at no set time. They will happen as they happen. Part of the experiment is that I will be writing them as you see them, in installments. Unless the spirit strikes, I won't be writing very far ahead. This is a bit like walking the high wire, as I may end up writing myself into some corners that don't work and it could all turn to mush, but we'll see.

Credit where it's due: (1) the story is partially inspired by "Tesla Girls" by OMD. The image of the women and their yoga mats came first, but as soon as it did, I kept hearing the song in my head. Not sure if there will be any more to it than that, but there it is. (2) The opening line was something that was actually said about me. It is a paraphrase of a quote by Jennifer de Guzman that cracked me up, and it is used with her permission. I may have to add her to the "heroes" section in my MySpace profile.

* * *

Jennifer is also responsible for me taking this quiz, which was designed to rate how I would be in a relationship. I am posting the results here for the sake of amusement. It is up to my admirers and the young women I have ruined to decide how true it is. At this very moment, though, I bet you Laurenn McCubbin is pointing at her computer screen and shouting, "Ah-ha! I knew it, Jamie Rich!"

eXpressive: 2/10
Practical: 1/10
Physical: 2/10
Giver: 2/10

You are a RSIT--Reserved Sentimental Intellectual Taker. This makes you a Archetypal Older Child.

You are a hard nut to crack. You have a wicked sense of humor. Despite your reserved nature, you are more comfortable (and successful) in the meeting and courting mode than you are in a long term relationship. You feel misunderstood, and usually you are.

When you're in a good mood, you're funny, fascinating and a sexy firecracker, but when you're in a bad mood you are moody, broody and impatient. In courtship mode, you don't have to let anyone see your moody side. If you had your way, even in a long term relationship you would have enough time apart to deal with your bad moods yourself; unfortunately, it rarely works that way.

You stifle *a lot* of anger and frustration -- from all areas of your life -- so when it comes out it comes out nasty. More than any other type, your conflicts tend to turn on one tiny thing -- the dishes, the laundry -- that's really a scapegoat for your larger dissatisfactions with your relationship. You're baffled that your partner just can't do the dishes -- your partner is baffled that it's such a big deal. The only way around it is to let the dishes go entirely and try to get at the real root of what's bothering you.

I'm making you sound like a bear, but the fact is that you're so warm and charming most of the time that it effectively offsets the times you're unhappy.

You will make a weirdly good parent.

Don't pair up with someone who'll make sexual demands of you. That's just not going to fly at all.

Of the 242653 people who have taken this quiz, 5.3 % are this type.

Dude, check that last line. I am a rare and beautiful snowflake!

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