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Friday, August 05, 2005


Part III of "Yoga Girls" went up today. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a part that gets trimmed a little in the final draft, but I figure given the nature of the exercise, I should indulge my chatty characters a little. Besides, I am of the overwrite first, edit later school.

A drip has developed in my kitchen ceiling. I mentioned it to the apartment manager, and he asked, "Is it bad?" I dunno. When is a leak in your ceiling ever good?

It's been an odd week. My network of creative friends has been floating things to me as part of our support system, and it's have reminded me that I actually liked editing at one point. I read three different things and wrote a bio for someone else, and I enjoyed each one. In the reading particularly, I found that I was much more creatively helpful than I had been in probably the last two years at Oni. I was sparking off what I was reading and seeing possibilities and coming up with suggestions. Without all the other palaver hanging over my head, I enjoy reading what people write and talking about it. Who knew? (And I must say, for all you comic book people out there, there are many good comics in your future.)

In line with this creative nostalgia, I spent yesterday with a friend from high school, Christina Snyder, my date for junior prom (we went as friends, though a rumor afterwards suggested I had tried to go for it and got shot down, which is not true). Christina was one of the girls in school who used to make me write things for her. This was something I learned in Junior High: attractive girls liked guys who wrote notes. They wouldn't date me mind you, but at least they were talking to me. Much to my horror and amusement, Christina showed up with one of those things she had forced out of me. It was called "Something," must likely as a smartass response to the order "write me something," and was done in 1989. The copyright is for S.I.C. Productions, an acronym I have long since forgotten the explanation for. Essentially, "Something" is a five page storybook, complete with illustrations. There's not much to it. A boy has a demon on his back making him write a story, so he writes of a Zorro-like adventurer named Touche (a character from my childhood) who rides a horse to a castle, meets a vampire, and kills the vampire. The last page is the boy leaning back in his chair, sighing a sigh of relief. My favorite part is when Touche sees the Vampire and I drew a Tex Avery-style reaction shot with his tongue popping from his mouth and his eyes bugging out.

It's times like these I'm glad I don't have a scanner, so I can't even be tempted to share this atrocity exhibition with you.

I've made a little progress on Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? this week, as well--which I am glad about since for some reason I let myself get roped into working 11 of the next 12 days at the store. And I've given a first listen to the new Super Furry Animals album, Love Kraft. Throw it on the pile with Missy Elliot and The Dandy Warhols for disappointing albums of the year (though the Dandys are voted Most Likely to Grow on Me). The Furries seem to be on a steady decline. It's not that the record is awful, it's just uninteresting--which we all know is something I hate. Too bad, since lead singer Gruff Rhys' Welsh solo record was so much fun.

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Chris said...

After our amazing and unforgettable night at Junior Prom, I can't believe you still refer to me as just "one of those girls." Shame on you, Jamie S. Rich.