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Monday, August 15, 2005


Gotham Lounge, a blogsite that previously gave a great review to Four Letter Worlds, has now reviewed I Was Someone Dead. Sample: "...a good book. One that allows you to think about the story in greater detail; examining everything from all sorts of different angles, even after having finished it. It sticks in your mind, playing out those scenes over and over again as you try and figure out 'is that what the author meant?' and similar thoughts along those lines."

Over the weekend I received thumbnails from Marc Ellerby for a short story we are doing for an as-yet-unannounced anthology. They look great. For a young artist being tossed a script that is essentially two people in a very small room talking, he has a natural instinct for keeping the "camera" moving. If nothing else, the story won't bore people visually.

And what's on deck for me this week? More "Yoga Girls" (prepare for the story to start to solidify, based on a suggestion given to me by a cohort of awesome talent), more Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?, some submissions, and...I dunno. We'll see when we get there.

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claire bright said...

hey thats great. unfortunately i've not been able to read anything these past few weeks getting my devart site going with a decent gallery. when i can though, i want to get your book. everyone i've heard talk about it has said good things about it.

Marc said...

We are so going to rock this!