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Friday, August 26, 2005


Ark Angels went swimmingly and it's now all turned in, volume 1 is wrapped. Bravo for me. This has given me plenty of time to go to town on "Yoga Girls" and I have been updating furiously. I actually got stuck in the middle of part XIII, and that's why it's split. Getting out of the house and doing other things loosened up my brain. There are probably only a couple of chapters left, and then I'll look at it and see what I've got. Disjointed mess, or fun romantic comedy?

The link I've been sharing most with people in the last couple of days comes to me courtesy of Mason West. It's called Lovehare and seems to be the adventures of a bunny and a kitty who share a cage in Hong Kong.

I am most excited by the fact that the kitty is sleeping next to a Mashimaro. I love Mashimaro! He's the baddest half-eaten marshmallow around. People should give me lots and lots of Mashimaro stuff!

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