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Friday, September 02, 2005


You don't need me to tell you what to do in this time of crisis. Follow your conscience, give what you can. Here are some links:

* http://www.redcross.org

* http://www.aspca.org - lots of animals are now homeless, too. I realize some of you will think this is silly in comparison to human suffering, but I honestly don't care. For a lot of us animals are important to our lives, and the ASPCA is around to take care of them.

* Oh! Speakup! - Oprah's Oxygen network is donating a dollar for each person that registers on this site. It reminds me of the great one-click sites set up by the UN. These cost you nothing except saying out loud that you want to help.

* http://www.savethechildren.com/

And how awesome is New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin? He was on CNN today kicking some ass about the governmental clog that is slowing down aid to his city. Transcript here, but you really should follow the link on the page to the video of his phone call and listen to the anger and passion in the man's voice. He's not ready to let more people die needlessly when there has to be ways to help.

Though, fuck CNN for this header on the article: "New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin blasted the slow pace of federal and state relief efforts in an expletive-laced interview with local radio station WWL-AM." Is there any need to warn us that there are supposedly "expletives," when there really aren't all that many to harm our sensitive little ears? It's subtle, and certainly not as directly racist as this photo captioning issue, but I can hear neoCon talk radio and Fox News gearing up now to smear this man. And while I'm linking to other people's blogs, count on Travis Fox to give us more great links to news.

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