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Monday, September 05, 2005


Remember a month ago when I complained about that drip in my ceiling? No? Well, check it. Paragraph two.

I hesitate a bit to make light of this, but it's almost like the cosmos is telling me I don't care enough about what is going on in the world and maybe I should get a teeny-tiny taste. Suddenly, multiple streams of water just started pouring out of my kitchen ceiling. I, of course, am nowhere near feeling what the hurricane victims felt, but geez, this sucks. Thankfully, it's in the best possible spot to avoid damaging anything, though I will be moving some books just to be safe.

Luckily, one of the on-site managers was home today. He said he refused to go to a barbeque because every time he leaves on one of these types of hoildays, something horrible happens. This year, I am something horrible. Given how long ago I put my complaint in, though, I'd say these guys would fit just fine in the Bush administration.

And I'm locked in heated battle with my Protestant work ethic, which says go to work today anyway. I've already put a call in, though, to see if someone can cover me. I'm too nervous to leave and have the whole roof cave in with no one to notice.

SERIOUS LINK: John Roberts was a questionable Supreme Court candidate at best. For Chief Justice? Don't even try! The internet makes speaking out easy.

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Chynna said...

Oh, shit... I'm sorry, Jamie! Good luck with that- I hope everything gets fixed quick! (Or even better, is already fixed by now!)