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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The update on the leak is that they found it. Looking for it involved me having to pull nearly everything out of my bedroom closet so they could get in the crawlspace. I am looking at it as a chance to reorganize and discard. Not sure when I can put things back together, though. It turns out that the leak is somewhere in the wall behind the sink of the apartment above me, so those people will have to endure some inconvenience as they are barred from use of that sink and the wall is torn out. But in purely selfish terms, it's a lot less of a hassle for me for it to be up in their place and not mine. Plus, in the "small slivers of the bright side" category, it's kitchen water, which is way better than bathroom water.

I am currently doing a huge load of laundry so I can actually have towels again. I had to dry myself with old T-shirts this morning. Again, I am maintaining perspective. I am not even experiencing an atom of the giant body of misery Hurricane Katrina brought to the other side of my country. Having to cancel lunch with Sarah Grace McCandless today, doing a little laundry, lugging around some long boxes full of comics I edited is nothin' by comparison.

Only a little work on Have You Seen The Horizon Lately? yesterday before the rain came, and none today. If I never get the Nobel Prize, we'll blame this, okay?

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Greg McElhatton said...

Uh, dude? You cancelled on Sarah?

I'm not trying to put you down, but she could pound you into the dirt if she so chose. You're putting your life in serious jeopardy, here.

I'm just sayin'.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Sarah and I go way back, so she understood. Acts of God. Besides, when I tried to call her, I couldn't get through, so I think her cell phone was already rejecting me.

Sarah Grace said...

My cell phone rejects everyone. :)

Now, should I take the "she could pound you into the dirt if she so chose" as a COMPLIMENT or a CRITICISM? Hmmm Greg?? Hmmmmmm?????

Jamie S. Rich said...

I really only mentioned it because I like to show off that I know famous people. :b