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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Though no one has it up for preorder yet or is there any cover art circulating for this particular title, looks like The Nun's Story will be on DVD this coming December 6th, both on its own and as part of a Warner Bros. holiday movie box. This is one of Audrey's more dramatic roles, and coming only weeks after Two for the Road, excellent news. (Or maybe not. Rechecking the DVD Talk thread, the news leaked in July and still no one has it as ready to go on sale. If nothing else, we can assume it's at least coming.)

And as if she could sense that more Audrey was better Audrey, Jen Wang sent me a pic of the commission she just did for my Hepburn sketchbook:

I love that she did the poor nameless cat! Check out Jen's site, and buy her stuff. She's amazingly talented. I think what really shines about this piece is the spirit she captured in it. The expression, everything, it just feels right.


My day job schedule is all screwy right now for various reasons, and it will be for the next couple of months. This week is particularly bad, though, and it doubly hurts because I have the second volume of Gacchagacha due on Monday. Oy vey.

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