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Friday, November 04, 2005


The electricity has been going on and off all morning, so I start this post with some trepidation. Will it go up now, or will it be halted in the middle, to be finished later? We shall see. I'm neck deep in Gacchagacha. Every time the power goes out, I keep going, thinking I will work until the battery dies and then go see if there are any cafes nearby who are still running. If nothing else, it's been keeping me off the internet. This may be the most dense of any manga I have worked on. Text everywhere! Only Abenobashi might compete.

Eagle-eyed Marc Ellerby spotted that the Belle & Sebastian book is on Amazon. I do like this cover:

I was hoping for something along the lines of their album covers, but this aesthetic works quite well. Looks like a release for early next year, and you can preorder it now, and do so right HERE. The song Marc and I have adapted is "Marx & Engels," off the "I'm Waking Up To Us" EP.

When Gacchagacha is done, I have a proposal to write for some book type people. It shouldn't be too hard, since I already have 7,100 words of the book in the can, and a provisional proposal I started before I got the guidelines. All the writing just happened so I could get the ideas down, but I'm afraid it might be useless if I don't make the cut--except I will make the cut. Oh, yes.

I say no more, lest I jinx.

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