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Sunday, July 02, 2006


A few days late, but the June "Can You Picture That?" is now online. In breaking with convention--which is very much in the spirit of my subject--I'm writing about the fortcoming Turner Classic Movies documentary Edge of Outside, a film in praise of independent filmmakers airing on July 5.

Interestingly enough, it was this blog (and this post in particular) that led to me getting a screener of the movie. The power of the internet!

And why do I continue to love Martin Scorsese? Because at the end of the documentary, he notes that he can't judge his own success as a maverick artist because he's still in the middle of being one. At 63 years old, he's still in the middle of his career!

Speaking of being in the middle of one's career...

Love the Way You Love vol. 2 has been solicited. This here is the fine cover by Marc Ellerby, Chynna Clugston, and Guy Major. It's due in September, and it's good to go. Marc is all done and doing final corrections now. Here is the spoiler-free solicitation text:

Love the Way You Love #2
By Jamie S. Rich and Marc Ellerby

Tristan knows there are issues with his band Like a Dog that should have his attention, but they don’t. Ever since he kissed Isobel, his mind has been zeroed in on one thing - seeing her again! Lucky for him, Isobel *might* just be thinking the same thing. Unlucky for him, she’s already engaged to Marcus Lee, a record exec with his sights set on Like a Dog! MATURE THEMES

ISBN: 1-932664-53-X

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