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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I had thought that Oni was holding the actual book release until late August, but The Everlasting is going to start showing up in some stores tomorrow. It was on Diamond's shipping list, so you comic book folks should look for it; it may take slightly longer for bookstores. I'm very excited to hear responses, and I hope some fast readers can post some reviews on Amazon as soon as they allow it. (And anyone want to post one for the poor, lonely I Was Someone Dead?)

The Oni site's page for the book has a five-page preview and a small jpeg of the final cover design:

My full con report will go up on DVDTalk overnight, and I'll post a link when it does, as well as an anecdote I left out (it was more business, less personal for their site). I had a good time. Reaction to everything overall was great, but the star of the show seemed to be Joëlle Jones' 12 Reasons Why I Love Her pages. Everyone was flipping out.

I have some buttons left over, so if you want to buy any, e-mail me through my address below.

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1 comment:

1031 said...

I picked up the book yesterday. I probably won't be able to start reading it until my summer classes end next week (or until after Chicago's comic con next weekend), but it sure looks nice. I like the design, especially the copyright info in the shape of a heart.