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Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's been a week of taking it a little easy, sorting out a few things, and largely recuperating.

Now it's back to the freelance grind, with Magical JxR, vol. 4.

Look for a Criterion Confessions tribute to Richard Widmark today, as well. I actually have no DVDs on my review pile at the moment, a rare occurrence, so I am watching stuff just for fun! I rented my first iTunes movie last night. A lot of people had told me how good Once was, and I admit to being skeptical. It's a sweet movie, completely lacking in pretension, unafraid to just be what it is. The emotions and the music were both very credible. Worth a look if you've been maintaining a healthy cynicism the way I was.

Current Soundtrack: The Who, Encore Series 07-31-2002 NYC

Current Mood: discontent

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