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Monday, September 22, 2008


What exactly are "tour logistics"? And why are they a reasonable excuse for Neil Diamond to break my heart?

A mere ninety minutes before Joëlle and I were supposed to leave for Neil Diamond's Portland performance, a last-minute check to try to confirm if there would be an opening band to see about making dinner plans unveils that an "unforeseen" version of those mysterious logistics have now pushed the event to next January.

Far better to find out now then to show up at the venue and find out then (ask me some time about showing up for a Massive Attack club show in the Protection era and discovering a hand-written cancellation notice on the door, and watch me get all teary eyed), but still, what a heartbreaker. This was a special gift to myself, and I was very much looking forward to it.

Insult to injury will be the next two weeks or so when I have to endure people who haven't heard about the change ask me how the show was. Heavy sighs will give way to teeth-grinding anger, and then, I won't lie, someone might get a broken nose.

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neal s said...

I saw him in DC a couple of months ago and it was great. He actually took the time to play four or five of the new songs, too, which was nice.

So, basically, it'll be worth the wait.