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Monday, September 22, 2008


At long last, the second collection of the series is on sale this week:

Love the Way You Love, Side B: Songs of Devotion

The book collects the final three issues of the series in their entirety, along with a new "Polar Opposites" strip by Mr. Ellerby. For those who didn't wait for the trade, here is that extra, taken from Marc's blog:

Click through and select "all sizes" for bigger version

A couple of weeks ago, Marc's ongoing "Ellerbisms" comics diary also featured a strip about his injury that directly relates to the postponement of the ending of the book. (It's a time-delayed diary, I guess you'd call it.)

As with any of my books, you can always e-mail me about stock and purchase autographed copies directly from me. I should have Side B in a week or so. (I haven't actually seen it yet!)

Also on sale this week are the new printings of Mike Allred's Red Rocket 7, both a hardcover and paperback edition. This was my swansong of sorts as far as my editing at Dark Horse, and one of my favorite all-time comic books. The new edition features an afterword I penned regarding the creatively exciting relationship Mike and I developed, and then the shameful kicking the comic received from its publisher.

My afterword should be nestled up against one from Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance and writer of one of my favorite comics of recent memory, The Umbrella Academy.

Also, look for Mike and Laura at a rare public appearance, appearing at Neon Monster in San Francisco on October 4. Read the official press release here.

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