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Monday, September 29, 2008


A couple of items today. I realize I haven't done any substantial blogging recently, but one doesn't make up the news, one merely reports. I've really done nothing I'm compelled to write about. Alas, alas. September was a bust!

* Love the Way You Love, Side B came out last week, as you know, and this week, Book Pirate reviews Side A:

"Overall this is a decent graphic novel. Originally the three volumes were pretty slim and make for a quick reading. In this collection that combines the first three volumes, it feels much more substantial. My only real problem is with the two main characters Tristan and Isobel who I find to be slightly on the annoying side of things...he rest of the cast provide the humor and help move the plot along. They are the ones who are working behind Tristan and Isobel’s back to actually make things happen. I feel that they are the ones that hold this book together."

Well, can't please them all. Still, Colin, you better look out next time I'm drunk!

I finally saw Side B today and I really like how it printed. The cover colors are sublime.

* Joëlle Jones updated her blog to make sure people know that her book Token for the now-defunct Minx line has not been canceled as some have reported. There seems to be this sense that it was like Paul Levitz suddenly screamed out, "Stop the presses!" and everything was stopped dead. Token was finished, solicited, and sent to the printer before this news came down. I just hope people still notice it, because the end of the line here is the best the imprint has had to offer. I know folks will think I'm biased, but keep in mind that this book is a large part of why You Have Killed Me is not finished yet, so I'd actually be more inclined to resent it and not like it--in which case I would have just kept my mouth shut. The comic is that good, I can forgive all and only praise it. (Read my full review here.)

Read Joëlle's blog here and see a peek at a double-page spread from the book. Amazon has it listed for November 4, but the DC site says October 22.

* Memus Interruptus:

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Colin Matthew (The Book Pirate) said...

I did like Love The Way You Love so don't think that I didn't. I'm going to see if Terry has the last three so I could read them. You know, to see how it all turns out.