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Friday, January 09, 2009


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Did you know that Andi Watson has a new story up at Tor.com? Neither did I. Maybe if he wasn't so Rapunzel-like in his castle over in Lambsbottom or wherever he lives, he'd write his dear ol' dad now and again.

Read "Great Uncle George's Will" here.

Did you also know that Chynna Clugston, also known as Chynna Cluckin' Chicken to her friends, has published her first new Blue Monday comic in, oh, I don't know, the amount of time it takes Andi Watson to brush his long, luxurious Sk8r Boi hair? He's such a princess, and Chynna is such a troll. Working with them satisfies my Gemini bone structure.

Anyway, Blue Monday: Thieves Like Us #1, presumably named for a New Order song (they'd sue, but you can't copyright a title) and not the Robert Altman movie (so New Order stole it anyway), is on sale now.

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Santiago said...

Thanks for the heads up Jamie!