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Monday, January 26, 2009


On sale this next Wednesday, 2/4...Madman Atomic Comics #13!

Look for a wraparound cover on the stands. In this one, Mike Allred wraps up the big story line that started with this new series. Guaranteed to blow your mind! Anytime!

* * *

Keeping watch on Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her, there is now only one copy on Amazon, and it's listed at $85?! What the hell?

This made me start nosing around? Half.com? 2 copies, one for $25 and one for the arbitrary price $108.70.

AbeBooks.com has only German-language copies. Powell's Books also has none, not even used. Where did they all go?

Buy one of these two on eBay for $8...or maybe I should buy, sign it, and flip it. Though I'm more into this My Life Story 7".

Related, I enjoyed passing our neighborhood library yesterday and seeing Token on display through the window.

And, of course, Chynna posting pictures of baby otters. Ahhhhdorable!

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Colin Matthew (TheBookPirate.com) said...

I guess I'll have to move my copy up to my rare book shelf now.

Ralph- said...
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