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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Taking stock for 2009:

- TO SEE THE LIGHTS (a.k.a. the Love the Way You Love YA novel) is about halfway to completion with a current count of 33,000 words. I alternate between liking it and not knowing what the hell I feel.

- JAMIE S. RICH'S 5 1/2 is on hold while I work on the above.

- LYING DOWN, the comics series with Mike Holmes, is still in limbo. Need to make a decision soon.

- SPELL CHECKERS, the graphic novel series with Joëlle Jones and Nicholas Hitori de looks to have a publisher, and I am very excited about that. If you recall, Nico leaked some art, which got things rolling.

- YOU HAVE KILLED ME is so very close to being done. Joëlle has been cranking, and it looks awesome.

- BP & MJ is in limbo. So is THIS WORLD AND BODY. I'd really like to have something definite for them ASAP, and in the order of their listing, but sadly the world works on its own timetable, not mine.

Current Soundtrack: Blur, "Tender;" El-P, "The League of Extraordinary Nobodies;" the Who, "Our Love Was"

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Nico said...

Can't wait to start working on Spell Checkers, sincerely.