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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I realize that every goober with a blog is complaining about the Oscars today (though, if Foxymoron is on normal schedule, expect him to update his rant in about two weeks time), but I am going to risk being a cliche because this is the first time in a while that I have felt the Academy got it so wrong in regards to the top prize.

You can read the full nominations here. Best Picture nominees are:

* The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
* Froxt/Nixon
* Milk
* The Reader
* Slumdog Millionaire

I have seen all five films, and out of those, I think the lower four shouldn't be there. They are all good movies, but not even close to the being in the five best of the year. I am not sure any of them would even crack my top 10.

If I could set up the nominations all on my lonesome, it would look like this:

* The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
* Revolutionary Road
* Snow Angels
* Wall*E
* The Wrestler

I am not naive, I realize that Snow Angels never really had a shot (read my review if you don't know what it is). Even so, what about more worthy foreign films like Waltz With Bashir or Let the Right One In? Having just rewatched The Dark Knight on Tuesday, I'd also pick it for the slick genre picture over Slumdog, which is a pretty perfect movie but not as deep or complex as it is dazzling. Its shiny veneer has created an illusion that there is more to it than is really there (For those who wanted a top 10 from me, you just got pretty much a top 8.)

And, of course, why do comedies never make the grade? Happy-Go-Lucky and Burn After Reading came out this year, though the former is debatable as a strict comedy and the latter a bit of an acquired taste. Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, and the more flawed Forgetting Sarah Marshall at least deserved consideration.

And how did Tarsem's The Fall get no nominations in art direction, costumes, or anything?

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Eliza said...

Hmmmm....have not seen it, but I have heard so. much. shit talking about Benjamin Button. But props to Taraji P. Henson! She was awesome in Hustle and Flow and this means she gets a great career boost.
I guess I'll go read your review of Benjamin Button...

Jamie S. Rich said...

I wasn't aware you knew anyone, Eliza, whose shit talking was at all credible. Particularly compared to me.

It can't be Joe, because I don't think your brother has even heard of Benjamin Button. "Is he one of the Watchmen?" Seriously, you better keep an eye on him when that movie comes out because if it sucks he might off himself. :)

Travis said...


I just now read this on Saturday and am happy to report that it only took me ONE EXTRA DAY to post something!

So nyah! :P

But I'm glad you finally posted a top ten (or eight) and am surprised at some of your choices. I wanted to like Burn After Reading so much more than I did. I'm also surprised that you didn't care for Milk or Slumdog enough to put them in your top ten.

But I'm glad we both didn't care for The Reader or Frost/Nixon.

Jamie S. Rich said...

"Didn't care for" is a mischaracterization of what I am saying. I actually liked all four of those films and would suggest anyone see them; I just think there were much better films released this year.

If I had to order those four, my order of preference would probably be: The Reader, Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon.

Ghost Town would come somewhere after that. Top 10? Really?!!

Travis said...

Yeah yeah...

If I was able to have screened The Wrestler, Ghost Town and-or Tropic Thunder wouldn't have made the list.

But I love me some Ricky Gervais and ain't gonna hide it.

Nico said...

I agree with you : Let the Right One In & Judd Apatow's productions deserve more consideration.