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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just got word that the Spell Checkers T-shirts are on sale through the Oni Press website.

Indeed, here they be.

I'm assuming they'll have them in New York for the Con, as well. Joëlle and I will be sitting in Artist's Alley, along with all of these fine folks. Joëlle can be found in the "list view" right now, and I am nowhere to be seen, but I turned in our bio info and images for the both of us this week, so hopefully that will update soon. Plane tickets are booked, travel accommodations have been made...it's happening. Nico will be coming, too, and he's setting up at the Oni Booth.

In other news...

Been working my summer away, hammering at a new script for a new property. I think it's coming together all right. We'll see.

Current Soundtrack: Greenberg soundtrack

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