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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Multiversity Comics have kicked off their new "Off the Cape" column with a stellar review of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her.

A partricularly salient snippet:

"While in another creators hands, the abandonment of chronological storytelling could be messy in execution and painfully trite when read. Rich has proven himself as a creator who has a wonderful grasp on storytelling, no matter how traditional (or non-traditional) it may be. Telling the story out of order immerses us in Gwen and Evan's relationship from the get go, giving us the bad to go with the good to give the story the sense of reality necessary to make it a successful venture.

The individual stories themselves range, telling tales as disparate as how they met, their first date, their one-year anniversary, and in a particularly charming sequence, the truth about Gwen's dreaming habits. There is a lot more in there, but no chapter felt more intimate and alive than Evan recounting when he first found about Gwen's dreams, or the lack there of. The language blended with the visual representation from Jones is impeccable, especially one page in particular featuring a simple but powerful image of a striking leg departing a car. I spoke about this in my review for You Have Killed Me, but I think this is an important point to note about this book: Rich and Jones work in tandem as well as any writer/artist combo out there. The images Jones creates from Rich's scripts only bolster the power of them, and vice versa, just the way all successful pairings should be."

Read the whole thing here.

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