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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Given that I've not been very bloggy lately and have just been posting lots of lists of what reviews I have put up on various sites over the previous week, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to do what many of the other DVD Talk writers do (and what I do on CriterionConfessions.com) by going ahead and cross-posting the full text here. In simple terms, instead of one list of movie reviews every Thursday, you'd see them at the same time DVD Talk readers do. (Like Jason does.)

Twitter followers already get links every time I post a review; Facebook gets the list every week, so that would change, too.

So, take a second and vote and tell me what you think. (Assuming this poll function works; I've never tried it; if you can't see voting options in your rss feed, click here.)

This vote is private, vote however you like, but what I do with the results is up to me. I reserve the right to ignore the results or go my own way for my own capricious reasons. If I don't get hardly any participants, I reserve the right to believe that everything I do is a waste of time.

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