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Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA, is having an opening tonight for a show called Comics at the Crossroads. Amongst the pieces on the wall will be a page from You Have Killed Me, complete with the corresponding script, and the cover to Spell Checkers vol. 1.

Also included in the show are guys like Mike Oeming, Steve Lieber, Erika Moen, Jim Woodring, some devilish cat named Mike Allred, and more.

Visit the museum's site for more details. Special thanks to Steve Grafe for his putting the whole thing together.

Here is the poster for it. You can read the larger version through the link:


In other Spell Checkers news, a new review popped up, one that begins:

"WARNING: This review contains annoyance, dislike, disappointment, some unpleasant quotations, and SPOILERS."

Uh-oh. Needless to say, Jennifer, the librarian at the Jean Little Library, did not like our book, though, keep in mind that her idea of unpleasant quotes are an exchange where the girls call each other sluts and cows, so this is not a surprise. (That's not a knock, I'm just saying our rude little comic isn't for her.) The only exception I really take is her assertion that "there isn't really much of a plot." There is plenty of plot! I'm actually fairly proud of the story structure in the book.

More linked through this sample quote:

"The text is liberally sprinkled with obscenities, profanity, sexual innuendo, and verbal abuse. The girls' treatment of each other isn't actually much better than the way they control the school and it's clear that their friendship is completely dependent on their own comfort. As a picture of the sheer stupidity and nastiness of certain adolescents, I suppose one could call it realistic. There are a few humorous moments, but that's about it for redeeming qualities."

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