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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


A couple of more year-end links.

* First, the Online Film Critics Society has posted the final results of our voting. No big surprises. This is a pretty solid list of movies you should have seen last year.

Read the winners...

* Ultimate Spider-Man #150 was ranked #6 Single Issue of 2010 by iFanboy. This was, of course, the issue Joëlle Jones was a part of.

Ultimate Spider-Man had its best year in years, and this was the jewel on top of the crown, featuring spectacular guest art from Joelle Jones, Skottie Young, and Jamie McKelvie, in addition to regular artists David LaFuente and Sara Pichelli. The issue set the stage for the next stage in Peter's life, and did it in grand fashion.

By the way, if you aren't keeping up with Joëlle's blog, you should start. Her latest routine of doing Daily Doodles is yielding some pretty cool drawings.

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