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Monday, January 31, 2011


Like I said last time: Nile's Law. It's time to start spreading the word about good comics out there.

To begin, I have three comics created by my neighbors here in Portland, OR. Two webcomics you can read for free, and one awesome hardcover book being released by those jerkbags at Oni Press. Basically quick plugs today, though I will try to post more regular full reviews when I have something to say.

1. BUCKO by Jeff Parker and Erika Moen

Jeff Parker is one of the top writers at Marvel Comics, as well as half the team behind the awesome spelunking adventure Underground; Erika Moen is the diary comics superstar and web pioneer behind DAR.

Bucko is their first collaboration, and it launched online today. You can get in this load of fun right from the start. Free weekly comics! Humorous adventures abound!

2. GINGERBREAD GIRL by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover

Paul and Colleen have done a lot of different comics separately, but you might have seen their excellent work together on the series Banana Sunday. Their latest longform creation is being serialized at Top Shelf 2.0, free to read twice a week. Four chapters are up now. It's been really fun so far, like a modern day Dan DeCarlo romance comic for grown-ups.

Go here and add Gingerbread Girl to your weekly reads. You should also follow Colleen's awesome sketch blog, and then you can get her regular updates telling you a new chapter has been posted via your RSS feed.

3. IVY by Sarah Oleksyk (Oni Press)

* Interview with Sarah at CBR
* Huge Ivy Preview at Oni

Sarah has been working on Ivy for several years now, self-publishing the chapters as minicomics as she compeleted each one. I once was lucky enough to see her read from one of those chapters at Powell's Books, projecting the panels on a screen and doing all the voices and sound effects herself.

Sarah's writing is tender and insightful, capturing both the foibles of youth and the powerful emotions that growing pains inspire. Her cartooning manages to convey the various moods of her narrative, be it joy or disappointment or anything in between, with an exquisite attention to detail. Her exterior landscapes are as experlty observed as the interior landscape of her main character. I can't wait to read all of Ivy in one go.

Sarah will be appearing at Floating World Comics this Thursday, displaying art from the book and signing copies of the newly released hardcovers. Come out and say hi! More details here.

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